Collaborative administration experts.  Partners in customized solutions.

Your clients and their employees are depending on your recommendations.

Choosing the right third party administrator (TPA) has a big impact on the results of the self-funded plans and employer benefits you offer. Some assets you should expect in your partner and Kentucky Health Administrators possesses − a full suite of services, strong communication, exceptional customer service, and expertise to help you evaluate, customize, or reset plans to achieve the business and health care goals of our mutual clients. We are the right choice to be your full service TPA! You’ll experience confidence as the cornerstone of your collaboration with Kentucky Health Administrators. Our team is committed to supporting you in your role with your self-insured clients.

We enable you to present comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for planning and implementing self-funded health benefits and managing the associated risk. For employers who are transitioning into self-funding, we make the experience uncomplicated and seamless. 

We know how important you are to our mutual clients, and you are important to us! 

Shouldn’t your TPA be an extension of your professional standards, a preferred partner who works with you to strategically design self-funded plans, stay within budget and manage risk? Our expertise will enhance your success and effectiveness. Call us today, we want to meet you personally!

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